I don't wish I was an economist...

Published 2020-07-12, 04:50

Some days I'm sad I'm not an economist. because I would love to have some weight behind my words when I say that the economic system seems utterly broken. Then I realize that many economists still think GDP is the One indicator of progress, and endless economic growth is the obvious goal. So I'm happy I'm not an economist, so long as it allows me to imagine that we could build a nice, just and equal society without extracting all earth's resources and relying on the inexpensive labor of people deemed to be forever "developing".
I hope we can try harder to find the incentives to comfortable and happy lives in something else than grotesque amounts of wealth. It is getting clearer every day that the billionaires can never give back enough to society, compare to what they exploited to get there. Let's go all in on circular economy, donut models and scrapping the GDP measurement, for the good of everyone!